Rockingham 10: The One With All The Wind

Teacups & Trainers

11216566_10156195201820591_948477618785722453_n See? Windy.

So, Rockingham has been my target race for quite a while. I signed up in the summer, having never run more than 5k, with a PB of around 28 minutes. My aim when I signed up, was to have worked my way up to the 10k distance, and complete the race in under an hour.

Fast forward to race day and I found myself with a 5k PB of 24.24 (thanks Bedford Parkrun for your super flat & fast course!), and having run the distance half a dozen or so times in training, had a 10k PB of 53.40. Unfortunately, I also found myself rather injury-riddled. I couldn’t actually walk without pain, so racing probably wasn’t the wisest idea (as several people mentioned. Once or twice. Or fifty times. You know who you are…) but there was no way I was going to back out now. So my…

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